In English

Unfortunately, I don’t feel like translating every blog post for your sake.

Nothing personal. I’m sure you are great.

And even if you are not, Jesus still loves you.

Update: I’ve decided to blog in English occasionally. To see my English posts, simply click the tag.

7 svar til In English

  1. Aaron Ivey siger:

    hey whats up – thanks for the comment… where you live?

  2. Lars Dorland siger:

    Denmark / England. Just saw your post on the Dashboard. ;)

  3. alanzeyes siger:

    Hi Lars, thanks for leaving a comment on a test blog of mine. I’d like to present my real and current blog for you to peruse, and maybe you’d like to leave a comment there too. :-)

    Interestingly, I’m no longer an INFP, and am instead an INTP. Anyway, thanks for browsing!


  4. ole siger:

    Hey. You suck..

  5. Lars Dorland siger:

    Oh yeah?! But… but … You look like a cow!! :P

  6. heatherette siger:

    I think you should stop being so lazy and translate every one of them!

  7. Lars Dorland siger:

    @Heather: Google’s your friend. :)

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